38365365:Five out of 17 out of three! Last section 6 1! How did Curie get Harden’s disease?

  On March 1, Beijing Time, Sports Report 38365365,the Golden State Warriors were reported to be playing back-to-back against the Orlando Magic on their way home. The Warriors’starting point guard Stephen Coory played 37 minutes. He scored 33 points in 13 shots, 12 shots, 17 shots, 5 shots, 8 rebounds and 6 assists. However, in the last six shots, only 1 scored 3 points, which resulted in the team losing 96-103 to the Magic and two consecutive defeats.

  Curie had a poor shooting touch in his last defeat to the Miami Heat. Of the 20 shots and 9 shots in the game, 14 of the three-point shots were only 4, and the percentage of off-three-point shots fell below 30% in two consecutive games. But Curie averaged 5.2 points per game this season, creating a career high. Meanwhile, 28.3 points per game is the second highest offensive efficiency in a single season since it entered the NBA 10 years ago.

  The opening pool swept away the previous haze, the first section 3 minutes 51 seconds, he pulled the projection at the top of the arc, the ball crossed a perfect arc, directly fell into the net nest. When Durant was unable to play today, the Warriors struggled with their opponents in the first quarter, relying on Curie’s 15-point performance in a single quarter.

  As Curie was insanely guarded by Augustine, he gradually began to look for teammates, constantly delivering passes to Thompson, so that the Warriors’offense remained normal.

  In the second half, Curie continued his good attacking condition. In the third quarter, 3 minutes and 15 seconds, he deceived two defensive players with a false move, shifted three-point projection, and directly penetrated the Magic Defense Line.

  Then Curie pounded Huanglong directly under the basket, turned around when he held the ball outward and swung Funier over again, easily scoring in the penalty area. Curie’s continuous offensive performance, let the team play a single quarter of 30-11 attack wave, grasp the initiative in one fell swoop.

  In the crucial fourth quarter of the final moment, the Magic team has been striving to chase points, after the two sides fought to draw, Curie’s continuous shooting failed, affecting the team’s offense. However, in 3 minutes and 12 seconds, with the help of Bell’s cover, he found the vacancy and decisively scored a three-point race, which gave the team a valuable lead.

  However, in the last three minutes, Curie suddenly missed, missed two key shots, and was pushed by Augustine at the defensive end, scoring a key anti-super score. In the third consecutive game, the percentage of long-range shots dropped below 30%. Among them, he scored only 3 points in the last 6 shots, revealing that Kuri’s physical strength was overdrawn by the continuous Eastern March back-to-back.

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