38365365bet Sports:Durant’s historical position has been determined

On March 2, Beijing Time, according to 38365365bet Sports, Warriors star Kevin Durant accepted an interview. He believed that his historical position in the NBA had been determined, so it would not affect his decision this summer. He also said that the NBA would never be able to satisfy his life goals.

“I think my historical position as a basketball player has been decided. Because I worked very hard, and only my closest friends knew what I had done. Durant said, “For those who have been very important to me since the first day, my place in history has been decided.” But Durant did not specify what his historical position was.

Durant is a free agent this summer and is expected to leave the Warriors and seek new challenges. Although Durant has always been reluctant to talk about the free-agent market, he denied that he needed to prove anything in the NBA.

“In basketball, I don’t need anything to satisfy me. The NBA can never satisfy me. I think the days when I need to prove something to others are over. Durant said, “I know that the NBA helped me to reach that position, but I will not always owe the NBA, because it is a mutual exchange. I worked hard to reach this position, and the NBA provided me with a platform to demonstrate my ability. It’s my opinion that we help each other.v