Luneng battles to build or rotate at least three Gedders to replace Ferraini

On March 7, according to 38365365 Sports,  Luneng trained with the whole team to prepare for the Chinese Super League on March 9. Luneng has to overcome the physical test in four days of continuous battle and construction in Kagoshima. Reasonable rotation is inevitable. In terms of foreign aid, Golders is expected to be the first in the Chinese Super League this season, and Ferraini may take a greater round of rest.

Luneng returned to Jinan on March 6, and the players were given a short rest. There are still two days to go before the match with Jianye. Luneng has only two opportunities to practice. Considering the great physical consumption of players, the overall intensity of training is not high. In the first three games of the season, Luneng revealed a problem: the difference in performance between the two halves. The Asian Championship playoffs and the first round of the Chinese Super League are the second half strength, while the Asian Championship group matches are the loss of the second half. In view of this situation, Li Xiaopeng should have a prediction, because under the condition of intensive schedule, the team’s physical fitness has met some tests.

Under such circumstances, Luneng’s lineup must be adjusted and rotated. On this expedition to Korea, Li Xiaopeng brought only 19 players with him. The rest of the players stayed in Jinan to train and prepare for the league. For the competition with Jianye, Luneng may be able to make adjustments in at least three positions. First of all, foreign aid. Ferraini, Gill and Pellet played two matches in a row. Gill played steadily. Ferraini and Pellet scored successively and were in good condition.

There is a realistic condition that we must pay attention to, that is, Ferraini’s physical condition. He just went through a process of injury before joining Luneng. After playing two matches in a row, his physical fitness may reach a key point. At this time, a round off may be a better choice. In contrast, Pellet has been training more systematically, and he has early experience in intensive schedules. In this case, Ferraini, Golders and Pellet partner are more reasonable choices.

Golders has high expectations for the new season. He is in good condition in winter training. It is not difficult to understand that he is unhappy because he was not qualified for the Asian Championship. But all he has to do is prove himself first. Against Jianye, Gedders has a high probability of starting, which will be his second official game of the new season. In the Asian Championship playoff, Golders did not score. In this match, Golders needed to use his performance to win more playing time for himself. In fact, in the Asian Championship group stage, Luneng’s schedule will be more intensive. As long as Gedders is in good condition, the time of the Chinese Super League will be more, which is also a process that he needs to adjust himself.

In addition to foreign aid, Li Xiaopeng may also make some adjustments in the choice of full-backs and full-backs. Right-back Wang Tong and left-back Liu Yang have played two matches in a row, and Li Hailong and Zheng Zheng have the possibility of rotating in the same position. Li Hailong is on the Asian Championship list. He is also a U23 player, while Zheng Zheng stays in Jinan and has a better rest and recovery. In midfield, Jin Jingdao and Hao Junmin consume a lot of energy. In order to win the Asian crown with Kagoshima, Li Xiaopeng may also adjust slightly. Of course, they should start again, but their playing time may be reduced.